Linking you to service opportunities in our local community

Linking you to service opportunities in our local community

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A foreign mission opportunity in our own back yard

Last Saturday a friend of mine named John and I delivered two sofas from a generous donor to two families who just recently moved here from China. Now the cool thing about this was not the fact that we were able to supply them with the needed sofas, but that we got to meet and talk to these very intelligent Chinese researchers. They are here studying at MCG to try to help fight some of the diseases like diabetes and gout that are plaguing the people back in China. As we talked to them it was interesting to hear them comment on how different things are in China versus here in the Augusta area. For example, they commented on how clean the air was here. Over there the factories pollute the air and hide the beautiful clear sky. Another example was the differences with babies. Over in China they count the age of a baby in days and not weeks or months like us. Why in days you ask? Well that is because in China if a baby lives past 100 days, then it has a very good chance of actually living to be an adult. Our health care system is way more advanced than theirs so we just about expect all of our babies to grow up healthy, but it is not that way in China.

Just from these two examples we should appreciate even more the clean air we breath and lofty standard of living we have here versus the standard of living in other places in the world.

If you are interested knowing how you can meet and become a friend, host family, or interact in a variety of ways with these International students in our area, then send Link'd Up and email at . These students desire so much to interact with Americans so they can improve their language skills, so all of us are qualified to participate with them. This would also be a way of ministering to them and showing them the Love of Christ which may be as foreign to them as our clean air that we take for granted.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Hispanic Ministry Clothing Collection

I just wanted to say how amazing it was to be apart of this outreach project on Saturday. When car after car dropped off bags and boxes full of clothing, I was so proud to say that I am a member of True North Church. Not only were clothes donated, but money and household items were also collected. Watching all of the time and effort that my fellow TNCer's put into this project was truly inspiring. I can only hope that others will be as blessed by the donations as I was by lending a hand. I have no doubt that there will be many more missions just as successful in showing God's love to all of the world.

Katie Czapala

Monday, February 5, 2007

Thank you from the Hispanic Ministry

Hello, I just wanted to say what a great success the collection day was. Our church is full of great clothing and a huge variety! We may have enough for the year! Thank you so much for thinking of this and all you've done to make it happen. I can't wait to see the Migrants faces Sunday evening. Please let everyone know what a blessing they have been to the church. The Migrants come here with nothing, this year they will arrive knowing the Christian people here cared for them. In Mexico, it is hard to find used clothing. When you do find used clothing for sale it is very expensive. For them to receive it for free is a real testimony to our faith. Thank you for making this happen. Blessings - Amanda Israel of the Hispanic Ministry