Linking you to service opportunities in our local community

Linking you to service opportunities in our local community

Sunday, December 30, 2007

me of little faith

Below is an excerpt from an email of the person who submitted the need that was posted the day of TNC's Christmas communion service. If you don't remember, the need was for items of clothing and toys for two little boys who are victims of sexual abuse by a family member. The boys are now being cared for by their grandmother and that is who is mentioned in the email below. This is a good example of how many of us probably feel when we see people with needs that we want to help, but we don't know exactly how God will provide for us as we try to help them. She turned to Link'd Up for help with meeting the needs of the little boys and the rest is His-story.

...... it was awesome taking her the stuff. I was truly over-whelmed with the generosity of whoever all it was - and on such short notice. I'll confess - I had decided it wasn't going to happen and I was just going to try and put everything on my credit card. After that night (and sorry I misunderstood and kept y'all waiting) God kept bringing to mind "ye of little faith" - except it was "me of little faith." So anyway, I was so excited when I saw everything. Nothing like an answered prayer sitting on your kitchen counter. I took her the stuff Christmas Eve - she got teary-eyed (again). I met more of the family, and the kids were running around (very excited too). I gave her a "fish" card - turns out she lives about 5 minutes from the new Columbia County campus - probably not a coincidence. So you can keep that in your prayers - I would love for all of them to come. Anyway, thank you for your help. It's neat to be so obviously reminded of how good God is and how much He cares for all of us.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How big is your faith?

This is an awesome story of God's faithfulness and timing:

The Need:My husband and I have a friend who is a very hard worker, positive person to be around, yet, it is very difficult for him to make ends meet for his growing family. He was having a hard time making it to work, because his car kept breaking down. I asked my husband what this family needed most, he laughed and said, "A car." So, I posted it on Link'd up and waited.

The Answer:A few days went by and I began to think that this 'need' was too much to ask. The next day, (NO LIE) I got a call from a TrueNorther who was PUMPED to give this family her car! She said that her parents had given HER the car 9 months ago to sell or give to her kids, but something inside her told her to save the car. Then she read the Link'd Up email about the NEED and she said the Holy Spirit told her right then that that was why she was saving the car. WOW!

The Surprise:My husband and I picked up the car, took it to the man's workplace and had him do touch up paint work on it all day. The "customer" showed up at lunch, thanked him for doing a fabulous job, told him that she was giving the car to someone as a present and that 'someone' was HIM. He could not believe it. He kept walking around and around the car saying, "Oh man." When he drove it home that night, his wife wouldn' believe him :).

In conclusion, this family came to church last Sunday for the first time in many years. They said TrueNorth is not a church, but a congregation. They felt accepted and happy to be there.Thanks to Link'd Up and a giving heart, this family has been extremely blessed and all credit goes to Jesus! Lift Him UP!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Three little girls in need of clothes.

Hello everyone,
A man that my husband works with knows a family that has taken three little girls in for foster care due to many types of abuse.  The family that has taken these girls in fpr care don't have a lot of money and these girls had nothing when they were picked up.  If you have or know of anyone who has some girls clothes they would like to pass down, it would be a big blessing to this family.  They need clothes for school and play in sizes 5, 7 and 10.  Anyone who can help this family can contact me, Michelle Nyland at (H)  613-9464 or (C) 803-507-2055 and we can make arrangements to pick these items up. You can also drop them off at the church office marked Need # 49.
If you don't have any donations for this family, please remember that prayer is a powerful thing and they need lots of prayers.
Serving him,
Michelle Nyland

Link'd Up
website ->
email ---->

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We have a need!

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,
We had a lady call the church office, they do not attend TNC. This young lady is single and has two small children one is 6 years old and the other is 15 mos. old, her car was stolen and both car seats were in the car at the time.  I know you are thinking, well why would she need car seats if she doesn't have a car to put them in.  This young lady has a job making a very low income, receives no child support and she is having to pay people to pick her up and take her back forth to work and home, she still needs the car seats for when she has to go place with family members or friends and has to take the children.
She is asking if we can help her find a car that someone may be able to donate or loan her until she gets her income tax refund and pay them for the car, also if anyone has a couple of car seats that they are willing to donate that would be a blessing.  Her 6 year old can sit in a booster car seat and the 15 month old still has to sit in a (facing forward) high back car seat.
I ask that each of you pray and ask God to lead you in a way to help this lady, or if you know of someone who can be of some help please pass this information onto them.  Remember that all these things we do to help others, do them in a way that will glorify our Lord and Savior "Jesus Christ".  If you have any questions or need more information I am the contact person for this need, you can reach me at (H) 613-9464 or (C) 803-507-2055.
Serving him,
Michelle Nyland  

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Computer Collection Day is set for Saturday, April 14, from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM at the TNC Office!!!

Computer Collection Day to benefit the Shareware Project

TNC Office Parking Lot
419 W. Martintown Road, North Augusta, SC
Saturday, April 14, 2007
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Shareware Project's Mission: It is our mission to provide personal computers to those that are missing out due to lack of finances or lack of technology savvy.

Computer Needs:
Computers desktop/laptops PC and MAC 300 MHZ and above, Working Monitors 15 inches and above, Keyboards, Mice, Digital cameras, MP3 Players, Hard drives 10gb and above, Power supplies, Video cards, Sound cards, Motherboards, Flash drives, CDRW, DVD rec/player, Custom ATX cases.

The following was written by Freddy Petersen, Founder of the Shareware Project:

Do you remember the time you brought home your first computer? If you were as excited as I was, you can understand a little of why we enjoy helping with this great cause. We are here to give other people that same feeling of empowerment and quality of life that computer technology affords us.

Even though the information age has grown and many people are technologically savvy, there are still a lot of people without personal computers and computer skills to use them. There are many parents who cannot afford computers. Some parents and their children lack the understanding and ability to send an email, create a Word document, surf the internet and millions of other common tasks that can be done on a computer. This puts them at a disadvantage in our society. We will provide them with the computers needed to build those skills.

It is our mission to provide personal computers to those that are missing out due to lack of finances or lack of technology savvy. Our focus is to provide computers and computer skills to disadvantaged seniors, families, children, and teens.
Some senior citizens have a slight technology knowledge gap and we will endeavor to get the computers in their homes and provide basic training for them, by doing this we will help bridge that knowledge gap.

By providing parents with small children computers to learn from home while caring for their children, we will encourage these young people to stay in school and eventually go to college or get a job. If you’re ready to help, please see our list of current needs:

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A foreign mission opportunity in our own back yard

Last Saturday a friend of mine named John and I delivered two sofas from a generous donor to two families who just recently moved here from China. Now the cool thing about this was not the fact that we were able to supply them with the needed sofas, but that we got to meet and talk to these very intelligent Chinese researchers. They are here studying at MCG to try to help fight some of the diseases like diabetes and gout that are plaguing the people back in China. As we talked to them it was interesting to hear them comment on how different things are in China versus here in the Augusta area. For example, they commented on how clean the air was here. Over there the factories pollute the air and hide the beautiful clear sky. Another example was the differences with babies. Over in China they count the age of a baby in days and not weeks or months like us. Why in days you ask? Well that is because in China if a baby lives past 100 days, then it has a very good chance of actually living to be an adult. Our health care system is way more advanced than theirs so we just about expect all of our babies to grow up healthy, but it is not that way in China.

Just from these two examples we should appreciate even more the clean air we breath and lofty standard of living we have here versus the standard of living in other places in the world.

If you are interested knowing how you can meet and become a friend, host family, or interact in a variety of ways with these International students in our area, then send Link'd Up and email at . These students desire so much to interact with Americans so they can improve their language skills, so all of us are qualified to participate with them. This would also be a way of ministering to them and showing them the Love of Christ which may be as foreign to them as our clean air that we take for granted.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Hispanic Ministry Clothing Collection

I just wanted to say how amazing it was to be apart of this outreach project on Saturday. When car after car dropped off bags and boxes full of clothing, I was so proud to say that I am a member of True North Church. Not only were clothes donated, but money and household items were also collected. Watching all of the time and effort that my fellow TNCer's put into this project was truly inspiring. I can only hope that others will be as blessed by the donations as I was by lending a hand. I have no doubt that there will be many more missions just as successful in showing God's love to all of the world.

Katie Czapala

Monday, February 5, 2007

Thank you from the Hispanic Ministry

Hello, I just wanted to say what a great success the collection day was. Our church is full of great clothing and a huge variety! We may have enough for the year! Thank you so much for thinking of this and all you've done to make it happen. I can't wait to see the Migrants faces Sunday evening. Please let everyone know what a blessing they have been to the church. The Migrants come here with nothing, this year they will arrive knowing the Christian people here cared for them. In Mexico, it is hard to find used clothing. When you do find used clothing for sale it is very expensive. For them to receive it for free is a real testimony to our faith. Thank you for making this happen. Blessings - Amanda Israel of the Hispanic Ministry

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Clothing Collection is this Saturday from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM at the TNC Office!!!!

 Clothing Collection to benefit the Hispanic Mission of Johnston, SC
TNC Office Parking Lot
419 W. Martintown Road, North Augusta, SC
Saturday, February 3, 2007
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Put the last few weeks of Steve's sermons to work by simplifying and getting rid of your unused or excess clothing from your closets, cabinets and shelves.  Just put these clothes in a box or bag and drop them off at the TNC office this Saturday.  Yummy morning muffins and juice to be provided to donors (while supplies last).
In case you were wondering, the Hispanic Mission will provide, upon your request, receipts for clothing donated. 
 Specific Clothing Needs

Jeans, pants, shorts sz. 38 and below
Shirts Long and Short Sleeve s,m,L,XL
Shoes sz. 10 1/2 and below
Coats, Socks, Belts, Pajama Pants

Jeans, pants, shorts sz 16 and below
Shirts Long & Short Sleeve s,m,L,XL
Shoes 9 and below
Coats,socks, belts, bra's, gowns

all sizes and clothes
Bed sheets of any size, preferably darker color

 If you have any questions, feel free to email Link'd Up at


Monday, January 29, 2007

Link'd Up Need 21

Who would have ever thought that I would meet someone from China who wanted a TV from me? Well that very thing happened as a result of the Simplify Project at TrueNorth Church and a Link'd Up connection.

Jim Scogin from The International Link, a local ministry that helps out relocated international students in our area, let us know about a couple who recently move to Augusta from China who were in need of a TV and a dining room set. God is so good because just as we were finding out about this need, the folks involved with one of the Simplify projects were needing to get rid of just that, a TV and a dining room set. Link'd Up was contacted and we delivered those items to a very grateful married Chinese couple. He is a student studying at MCG and she was an oncologist in China.

The next day we delivered a mattress and box spring to a married couple from India. Who would have thought that Link'd Up would be making an international impact from God providing a mattress and box spring to a man from Beech Island? When God is in the driver's seat, you never know where He will take you but you better hold on because it is going to be quite a ride!!!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Link'd Up Need 18

Were they fixing the problem or making it worse??

To see more pictures of these amateur plumbers click here>>>>>

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